Shenzhen police cracked the electricity trade through MLM case involving 2 billion


electric maotong held an opening ceremony in the stadium of high-profile. website screenshot


more than 20 principal, the backbone of "line" were arrested, including 26 provinces and more than 21 people about


during the period of probation, MLM veteran Kwak again, in Shenzhen by means of network, the pyramid wearing glossy coat, "flicker" 26 provinces, more than 21 people in 82 large and medium-sized city has become a "line", involving up to about 2000000000 yuan. After 8 months of investigation, the Bureau of Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau in the province, the country has launched last week to close the net action, will Shenzhen, fled to Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan and other places more than 20 Gang principal, captured the backbone. Yesterday, the police interviewed an exclusive interview with this reporter, revealed the case of the detection of the case of large network mlm.

Fudge: from the online store to the electricity trade through technology suite

from the police raid on the "electric trade" project manual, "trade" high-end scary, which is known as cloud computing solutions in electronic commerce, brought together more than and 100 world’s top brands, and support enterprises, business line will the goods on the net with electric mall sales.

the company’s office are located in the city center in the downtown area, a number of high-end Shenzhen as its headquarters is located in the Futian Central District Office, to examine the investors have the luxury car shuttle arrangements, upscale hotel occupancy. In this bright coat, with a large number of MLM leaders Kwak "mentor" provocative speeches and lectures, so that more and more people rush to put money with doing the dream of wealth.

according to the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Bureau five brigade police investigators, from August last year, Kwak et al by electric trade company as a platform to sell business shop in the name of a so-called electric trade through technology suite, let people buy a distributor of electric trade ", which has an independent electricity trade through the mall system independently develop sales profit. In the bonus system design, the purchase of technical Suites dealers in the order of the formation of A, B, C, D, E, F a total of 6 levels, the overall principle is the more the more discount purchase. A class to buy 1000 sets of playing the, B level to buy a set of 500 dozen, until the level of F to buy a set of 2 to play the 10 percent off. Each purchase only from direct on-line purchase, not offside.

police investigators told reporters, in fact, very little profit trade through the online store sales, but from the suspect’s confession to reflect, the so-called "distribution" did not achieve the circulation of commodities produced by value added to the capital is allocated to the system level terminal buyers.

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