Why do say that the small program is an enhanced version of WeChat wallet

WeChat small program is about to release, the entire industry and the commotion! What hand tear Baidu, kick Ali, as if the minutes of the two giants will hang like.

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WeChat search box so difficult to use, you can use it to search? Your mind is not a disease? Demand for general search platform has always been there, the search will not be reversed, but the user use WeChat search program, WeChat search box and has increased the frequency of use.

also said to subvert what ali. Fuck, Lao Tzu to pick up a cheap, do not know how much price, rebate trial software software! To pick two pieces of good goods, the product reviews a double end, wait for the business development history of

back down!

on the WeChat so closed, even a message are not checked, you let me do not have to use Ali WeChat head watts out of it!

can only say WeChat and strong ability of sellers, we can offer some unexpected goods! WeChat small program from subversion is still one hundred and eight thousand in

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small program is just the application of Excel in the Tencent pay a carry forward, smooth operation experience to give you a refreshing money flow, the underlying function more better product packaging, let you have more money to chance. Is an upgraded version of WeChat wallet.

WeChat wallet OR WeChat encountered any problems?

What is the problem with

WeChat wallet?

first, micro business declined!

is the derivative of the banner, pocket shopping at the end of 2014 to $350 million C financing, Tencent invested $145 million shares accounted for 10%, the valuation of $1 billion 500 million, two with 2015 a hit! The wind direction changes, taking all kinds of micro marketing model, fake and shoddy products such as CCTV and other media exposure. 2015 pocket shopping APP download a substantial dive, since then has been quiet. In May 2016, shutting down the PC pocket terminal community Tencent, the electricity supplier of the road and then fall.

at the same time, WeChat wallet lost a chunk of the market. So WeChat had to do O2O subsidies, WeChat red envelopes, group collection and so on, so that the overall data WeChat wallet is not so ugly.

not only that, because WeChat such a super APP polymerization features too much, resulting in a very bad experience WeChat wallet, so dependent on WeChat wallet platform businesses, developers live very wronged!

this is the second question!

people in addition to the transfer of red packets sweep two-dimensional code payment, it will not open it. But the merchant took the store, manpower and financial resources, allowing users to open the WeChat sweep pay >