Change the fate of grassroots webmaster

      under the same blue sky

      over the same cloud

      also experienced wind and rain

      with the outbreak in the network era, but have different life

      some people say that character determines destiny, others say that different environments create different people

      why is he still

      cause too much thinking

      sometimes we blame ourselves born late, sometimes we will praise the world change themselves are too busy to attend to all

      we’ll have a lot of assumptions, maybe even more

      look at the people around, leisure has to face the mirror face on a terribly fatigued, smoke, taste innocence, very touching

      failure is the path to success, so how many times will success fail?

      no one knows!

      so what kind of people can change the fate of the grassroots?

      I summarized below:

      1) will, as Li Yanhong said the focus is not about to change, even if there is such a GOOGLE opponent anyway, but he has a long way to go! There is no absolute relative.

      2) a more pessimistic pessimistic consciousness, a sense of crisis, the Internet is a virtual it can be your gold can also be one of the low points of your life, time will let you have a sense of crisis, prepared to deal with all the difficulties

      3) enough RMB haha this is necessary! However, RMB is not an absolute advantage to know how to use, of course, also involves this piece of resources because of the nature of the Internet is a platform for the integration of resources and processing diffusion

      4) website web service object is people-oriented, people, and do so with a

      5) have a good understanding of the market