U S electricity supplier is also rampant fake flash purchase frequency gun

[Abstract] do not think only of our existence in a lack of credibility of the business community, before the United States Jingdong, selling, countless stories tell us, where there are people, where there is fraud. Looking at the international, is also so. But, after a heavy punishment the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, set up a commercial civilization, in the forgetfulness stuck in an infinite loop.

below this article from the special author Zhang Xian’s online shopping experience in the United States, not personally experienced, it is impossible to say:

original title: in the United States electricity supplier website can buy fake


still remember "pianist" in the sentence "America", but the truth of the United States as a symbol of freedom, fake everywhere

to the United States for five years, shopping is an unavoidable "traditional" project, whether their own or relatives for purchasing, the shopping experience will make people imperceptibly are "spoiled" the suspect: basically all sellers are followed by small ticket within thirty days unconditional return the basic "return policy", not to mention the capital of big sellers, even give a longer time to return, even if the loss of small ticket as long as issued by the membership card can also return policy. In the era of price competition, price compensation (Price Match) policy also allows consumers to spend more money to worry about.

and beyond that, almost no one would consider a question: will I buy fake


this seems to be a very funny question, fake this phenomenon with Chinese characteristics, how will appear in the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States intellectual property system perfect American store it?

usually, in the United States, whether it is the electricity supplier or the traditional retail industry, there are very strict selection of purchasing channels and suppliers. I once tried to sell their products to WAL-MART, the results of the audit table to get as many as dozens of pages, and even turned to less stringent audit of the WAL-MART website, standards of supply is not low. Normally, the United States and large electronic stores will deal directly with the factory, which also can be said to "fake", because there may not contact such upscale department stores like Nordstrom and Dongguan a copycat brand bag factory.

in fact,


senior designer brands of clothing and leather goods business website Bluefly, consumers had already been proven sales of fake Prada and Tod ‘s products in the major U.S. women forums, is known to all the facts. The famous flash sales site Ruelala has sold a number of TPF proved to be fake Balenciaga, when consumers find the door, promptly refund trouble. On the Groupon, there will often be dozens of dollars a pair of designer sunglasses, has also been questioned by experienced consumers fake. As for eBay, simply fake distribution center, unless you really want to be cheap but not true and false, otherwise buy luxury goods.