Tmall all the way to the Beijing Hangzhou double center plan intended to do

on the afternoon of September 23rd, Tmall headquarters from Hangzhou moved to Beijing the news in the online heat transfer, although Tmall official to respond with "Tai Chi", learned reliable sources but the "First Financial Daily" from a number of close to Ali, Tmall Beijing – Hangzhou double center plan is rapidly advancing.


linked to release in April this year in Beijing Ma Ali’s annual meeting in Beijing will be the second Ali home court ", as well as the goal of international Alibaba, plus like Tmall supermarket, rookie logistics recently in the Beijing area to the frequent movement of the background of the destination is Beijing.


reporter learned from the above reliable sources, Tmall or will be announced in the near future its Beijing – Hangzhou dual center program.

similar organizational model in Ali is not the first case, like the ant group is currently serving Hangzhou – Shanghai dual headquarters, and many businesses are moving closer to the financial resources of Shanghai.

dual center project is about to announce

According to

September 22nd afternoon online news, Tmall headquarters will be the fastest in all the work this year 11 before the completion of the relocation of Beijing, this project is from the beginning of June this year, the batch business, Tmall has pioneered the implementation of the supermarket, from the beginning of July has gradually moved to Ali is located in the national advertising industry park in Beijing headquarters office.

in this regard, Tmall official told the "First Financial Daily" said: "Beijing is important to Tmall’s customers and market location, provide more and better, faster and more for their services, is a natural result. Headquartered in Beijing, Tmall will be in better quality service. We are in preparation for the big promotions, so that consumers have better business services and the environment."

the reporter from the office was informed that the grand plan of internal Ali had launched a "road to the north of the north", here is more of a Beijing Tmall (even the Alibaba) of Beijing – Hangzhou double center plan is likely to be announced in a few days, then, Ali will showcase its the size of the business area of Beijing.

in fact, the Alibaba’s business such as mobile UC, Ali, Ali pictures and health in Beijing, and the large number of employees, the number of Beijing employees will continue to increase. April of this year, Ma Ali at the annual meeting in Beijing, Beijing is Ali second home news, but also for the program set the main tone.

recently announced that the Alibaba will enter the field of super project will be the first stop of the project landed in Beijing, the main life of the service of Tmall supermarket for 1 billion yuan subsidy given to consumers in Beijing. Logistics is also in line with this plan, Tmall supermarket by rookie network the day of service in the Beijing area. In addition, the subway and other public places in Beijing, Ali’s advertising also increased significantly.

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