Urban beauty CO Shuang is not optimistic about the pure electricity supplier brand only understand

February 25th afternoon, fast fashion underwear brand city beauty today announced the line of electronic business platform, through online and offline membership system.

and many of the traditional enterprises, urban beauty does not completely sell "dish" to turn the electricity supplier. Urban beauty that line is financed under the line of new business opportunities, while the national coverage of the store is the foundation of the development of the operation.

Although the

on-line business, but the beauty of City Vice President and CIO Shuang said, urban women did not particularly want to electricity to produce much sales, but they hope to strengthen communication with the original members by the electricity supplier, allows members of an increase in online shopping channels.

beauty of city last year the overall income is about billions of dollars, the next line store more than 5000, which is 20% stores, 80% stores. The beauty of city consumption have customers, there are 70% members.

was a sports brand Shuang, Lining CIO, he said to the NetEase of science and technology, many traditional companies are in transition to online, offline and online two management system sales, more difficult. Urban beauty stores to members mainly rely on the promotion of electronic business platform, the higher education cost of the user entry.

"we are to provide a more comprehensive channel for the purchase of membership," Shuang said, "selling goods online, all profits are back assigned to the member’s stores, but additional franchisee charge 15% IT operating expenses. In addition, in the electronic business platform orders orders, online distribution and warehousing by the company to do a unified urban beauty. It is understood that in the non promotional stage, the net profit to the physical store is not less than 15%.

Shuang said, although the on-line electronic business platform, but this year still plans to open 1000 stores.

in the IT system and business platform investment, urban beauty about investment of about 27000000 yuan, and plans to re invest 10 million.

many pure electricity supplier brands do not understand the product, do not understand the supply chain, only know marketing." Shuang said is very optimistic about the pure electricity supplier brand, "they only know how to buy traffic, if you want to do 9 million of sales, will invest 9 million 500 thousand of the money to marketing. This business is not long."