By the end of the inventory of the recent domain name registration business

at the end of the year, the companies are thinking of ways to improve performance, and strive to get some results before January, so that the company’s shareholders, employees and customers can have an account. Here we take a look at the recent major domestic domain name registration business growth.

data source As the most authoritative assessment of the third parties, the data provided may illustrate some of the problems. (detailed link: Pi=1)

the following data is 08 years in October 27th -11 month period of 17, the global growth in the domain name of the international business of the domain name (domestic domain name we all know what the situation, water ah…… Embarrassed to say…… First look at the screenshot:

From the

we saw the old domain name registrar of new domestic network, from 10.27 to 11.17 during the net increase of 19232, ranked first domestic registered business, global eighth row again. Like a ~ ~ ~ first Go Daddy enough to beat, and then is BIZCN, do a good job, and the new network has a gap of 1 times, but the total is the new network of 1/3. Seems to be a big gap.

next look at other registrar. Turned over half a day to sixty-second, but also a domestic gz. Open the site look like a new registrar, a net increase of 1169, a total of 2665, this is not a month down the application. Business grows so fast no wonder. Just started, huh, huh…… Ename can also, but not the amount of praise ~~

continue to look down, finally saw the 87 nets. Halo ~ ~ ~ so little, the total net increase of 831, but many growth is too slow, the estimation of the nets of Dongdong BS ing. Then down todaynic, not much, small companies do not say ~~

then the next page, Xinwanghulian a net increase of 589, but also it should be……

continues, to more than and 300 of the country has not yet registered. Cut a picture as a souvenir. Net 0 registered ~~~

other registrars will not say to this, basically can be sure there is no business growth, then find a waste of time (the foreign website slow ~), on the other hand turn out does not look good, give people a face.

again a domain name ownership ranking ~ new network is still at the top, encourage a ~! Next, because network foundation is good, the ranking can also, with the new network gap increased gradually, so hard Oh ~~

Top40 there is no other domestic registrar. Some regret…… From above