What is the value of the new Ali mischievous ghost industry in new ways

has always been "the city will play" Ali in mid July, for their membership system to do a comprehensive upgrade: before members of the hierarchy are now the "naughty value" was replaced, at the same time every month 12 days is defined as a member of Taobao.


August 12th, the first member of Taobao on the line, within 3 days of membership took more than 530 thousand equity, covering the price over one thousand yuan of South Korea’s World Cup qualifier against the price of travel vouchers, open classes, yoga top cat bounce fresh spree, taxi drops, games and other dozens of interests. In addition to the rights and interests of providers on the merchant business platform, as well as New Oriental is not operating in business platform, brand are willing to let members enjoy "pull out the wool? Taobao membership system and what can provide

for businesses?

this is the beginning of the naughty value. Taobao membership ratings from the previous buy buy buy rating dimension, to now refer to the purchase, interactive sharing, shopping reputation, the three attributes, and then the user to guide more multi-dimensional.

this standard changes, will directly bring about changes in the consumption behavior of Taobao members, such as the emphasis on interactive behavior, will allow more consumers to purchase their own products to interact and share. This will make Ali content of the target landing, and further transfer up, and further improve the efficiency of goods and membership. The members of the concern, in itself, can attract merchants to participate. Revitalize members, merchants, nature can establish a set of ecosystem level general membership system.

from the industry as a whole, the value of this naughty membership criteria, also has the potential to become a general ecological member evaluation system, attracted numerous "steal" and "rub legs".

What is the value of

naughty value for electricity supplier ecology

?From the

scoring system, focusing on the value of naughty interactive user "buy, share shopping, credit" three properties, from the standard of judgment, this is consumer more stereo more accurate picture, three attributes corresponding to the individual consumer purchasing power, consumers influence on others, the performance ability of individual consumers, in essence, is a digital portrait of the user, the user can improve the precision of the membership system of consumer and business matching efficiency.

consumer purchasing power of the data for the meaning of electricity providers do not need to do more to explain, for different purchasing power of consumers, businesses can be more precise push different prices of goods.

and consumer interaction behavior for the meaning of the electricity supplier can be described in two directions.

first is the impact of consumer psychology.

There is a term in the psychology of

called the herding effect, which is also known as the herding effect, which is applicable to the field of consumption.

had an American scholar to do such an experiment, he was in the bar to allow more than a few customers at the same time in order to order wine loudly