Research on the new management mechanism of nternet domain name system

Domain name system (DNS) is not only the basic business of the Internet, but also an important part of the Internet infrastructure. With the penetration of IP technology to the telecommunication field, some telecom services are more and more dependent on the DNS system. The existing DNS system is actually controlled by the United States, there are certain security risks. Therefore, the research of the new DNS system has been paid more attention, this paper presents a new type of Internet domain name resolution system compatible with the existing DNS system, in order to improve the security of DNS system.


1, explore the necessity of the new DNS server management mechanism with analytic method

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all these root servers are authorized by the U.S. government Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) unified management, responsible for the global domain name root server, domain name and IP address management system. ICANN’s management is based on the contents of the memorandum of understanding with the U.S. Department of commerce. The root server specific management and maintenance work, by the ICANN to sign the agreement to some organizations or companies to complete.

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in the current Internet domain name resolution system, DNS root server plays a very important angle.