Traditional home appliances to FOTLE electricity supplier to learn what

in a few days ago Analysys net Internet Innovation Conference, FOTILE won the "best business electricity supplier experience Innovation Award", published in "high-end electric road as the theme of the speech in the FOTILE business general manager Li Tao, indirectly to the home appliance industry dished out more interesting topics, the electricity supplier can actually do high-end


for household electrical appliance enterprises, and even 3C companies, the dismantling of the electricity supplier Li Tao speak of the road, for the future development of electricity supplier to understand the benefits. At present, the domestic part of the traditional home appliance enterprises are millet low price strategy into the ditch, think that Internet sales should be at a low price cut, however, in fact, FOTILE adhere to the high-end line can also be sought after in the electricity market. Low prices or high prices should be based on specific product characteristics and development goals, millet model may not be suitable for all enterprises, electricity providers may not be suitable for high-end product development.

this year eleven, FOTILE kitchen in Tmall appliance category ranked tenth overall, industry first, turnover exceeded 100 million, the main kitchen products can achieve such sales is rare, and FOTILE in the double eleven discount intensity is not large, it will make people have no discount can achieve such results.

In fact, most people on the electricity supplier is the price of

has become obsolete, the electricity supplier has no longer to the development of low-cost image of people. According to CNNIC data show that as of June 2014, China’s online shopping users reached 332 million people, more online shopping groups means that there is a strong purchasing power of consumers is increasing, with the rule of 28 simple calculation, 20% means that there are at least about 66000000 potential is regarded as middle-class consumers, the high-end products there is also space for development in the electricity market.


is the value of this, so always adhere to high-end strategy in the business market, but also proved that this decision is correct, in the past few years, FOTILE’s sales of electricity continues to rise, 2012 sales reached 200 million yuan scale, expected this year may exceed 1 billion yuan mark.

a few years ago, the electricity supplier market is generally the traditional enterprise as clear channel inventory, and high-end products FOTILE realized even involved in the electricity business also cannot destroy the years of accumulated high-end brand image, the electricity supplier is one of the important sales channels in the future, FOTILE can not be regarded as clear inventory, so as not to lift the shadow the stone hit his own feet, affect the brand. Fortunately, by the rapid development of the electricity supplier market trend, FOTILE electricity supplier’s high-end strategy has been recognized by the corresponding market. From the results point of view, FOTILE electricity supplier to prove, re brand, quality assurance, electricity providers can not do the price war, high-end products in the electricity supplier market also has a way out.

in addition, compared with the traditional retail line, is the biggest advantage of online brands and consumers closer to the "distance", which is conducive to the brand to try more innovative marketing, provide more complete sales service, enhance consumer brand recognition and a sense of belonging. On the other hand, the disadvantages of Online