Foreign startups just debut whether suffered rapid plagiarism


we generally call this phenomenon micro innovation

in the Internet circle, learn is not new. But foreign? Some people ask, such as Facebook products, why not in emerging companies such as Google to quickly learn from or plagiarism? Known users have min the answer is trying to tell you who say No:

I hope my answer will put an end to some people’s unrealistic fantasies about the United States, and, of course, if I do not know the truth, I hope people can point out that.

education in the United States does emphasize originality and despise plagiarism. In fact, Americans and Chinese like micro innovation, micro innovation is not what the Chinese people or the characteristics of Chinese education.

in fact the premise of this problem is wrong, first of all, Facebook is not the source of the original concept of social networking in the world. Prior to MySpace, Friendster has taken off, not to mention the concept of the concept of social networking sites and six degrees, such as the concept of the. Second, Google is not as a matter of fact, in January 2004, Google on its own social networking applications Orkut (Note: the social network is still running, and is the largest social networking site in Brazil). Is in the campus, and Facebook functions similar to the social network is more than one.

Facebook is in the social network war to win, by vision and leadership, Zuckerberg’s technical ability, Silicon Valley’s top talent to join the company initially decided to pay no attention to the various elements and luck. Facebook’s success is definitely not the idea that Zuckerberg hit his head out of a social network. Specific Facebook story can refer to the "Facebook effect" this book.

talk about domestic enterprises micro innovation thing, many people may take this attitude of contempt. Of course, it does not matter whether it is right or wrong, but this is more of a personal expression of Tencent, such as the monopoly of a corporate discontent. From a more neutral perspective, most of the domestic business models from the United States to borrow at the fact that big business startups is three hand copy copy of second-hand, really disgraceful, but there is no essential difference between what, worthy of special condemnation.

in fact, American companies also like micro innovation, Microsoft is one of the typical representative. IE copy Netscape everyone for having heard it many times, you may not know, Office Word is actually a copy of office software pioneer Lotus Word. YC (American innovation factory) founder Paul Graham has mentioned in the Essay, when Netscape because Microsoft competition >