Liu Qiangdong the future will be unmanned warehouse and unmanned aircraft delivery


technology – Beijing morning news on April 21st, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong recently in the Internet Financial Museum first "Bella exchange" activities and keynote speeches, the relationship between technology and business and finance to express their views. Liu Qiangdong said in his speech, Jingdong’s electricity supplier business and financial services, the core support behind the technology.


Wang Wei, President of China’s Financial Museum interview Jingdong group CEO

Liu Qiangdong put forward a series of Views:

1, Jingdong electricity supplier to the greatest value of society is significantly reduced transaction costs, improve transaction efficiency. The low cost and high efficiency is based on technology, not to reduce staff salaries.

2, the future will be unmanned warehousing, unmanned delivery and unmanned aircraft delivery, which will greatly reduce the cost of the entire supply chain, so that the whole process seamless docking.

3, technical progress to ensure that Jingdong can grasp the risk control from the perspective of consumers, customers, to create technology finance, financial products and insurance programs to achieve inclusive services.

following Liu Qiangdong speech excerpt:

I have the theme of today don’t want to retreat, to share with you the logical thinking Jingdong to make electricity, financial services and technology behind, how will affect our industry, everyone of us here today, every family, every company, even the whole country and society. I believe that the technological advances of the next 10 years will certainly surpass all the changes that have been brought about by technological advances in the past ten years.

Jingdong only do three things: electricity providers, finance, technology

two years ago, we sort of, decided to focus on doing three things Jingdong: electricity providers, finance, technology. Electricity providers, including Jingdong mall, as well as the use of a lot of people, and now the rapid development of Jingdong home; financial services, including Jingdong finance and Jingdong insurance, and support the core of these operations is technology.

1, the electricity supplier to the technology to the efficiency of

Jingdong electricity supplier is the core of the pursuit of what is low cost, high efficiency. We found that the traditional commodity circulation cost is too high, too many channels, the efficiency is too low. We used a product from the factory to the hands of consumers, the average handling 5 to 7 times, each time moving and storage have a cost, which leads to the high cost of commodity circulation, the consumption of about 18% of GDP. Why China is expensive, manufacturers do not make money, it is very important reason is the high cost of logistics.

after the listing, we see our earnings, after 12 years of hard work, our entire operating rate is about 10%, but if you look only at the cost of electronic products, the Jingdong is less than 8%, lower than their peers 50%-60%.

our operational efficiency is also a leader in the industry. There are about ten thousand to thirty thousand of the traditional home appliance retailers