Tmall open platform and Jingdong fear trying to take advantage of one of two monopoly

days ago, media exposure Tmall requirements: check the merchant who participated in the activities of the Jingdong, Taobao cannot participate in the sales promotion of "double eleven". The news leaked, let double holiday low-key business circle again lively, but this time the sellers and buyers would be difficult to warm up! The face of Tmall platform is strong, the seller is to lose the right to speak, consumers are losing more favorable space.

as everyone knows, Taobao is the largest C2C platform, Tmall is also a leader in the B2C platform under the flag of the Tmall business forced the two elections, exposed to Tmall on a large body of the advantage of monopoly industries, the beginning of the heart. In the long run, not only harm the interests of consumers, but also damage the interests of businesses. The Internet is a large open platform, is also a big market environment, the business platform has the right to freedom of choice, consumers also have the freedom to choose the consumer rights, benign shopping environment should not make some unreasonable rules to bind, Tmall’s move is in the kidnapping of businessmen, kidnapped consumers.

Tmall behind the monopoly of desire, but also reflects the threat of Jingdong to Tmall. In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet B2C industry, the rise of Jingdong B2C platform. In order to meet the business needs, more and more businesses to achieve a win-win situation, the Jingdong launched preferential policies to support businesses, and a good deal of atmosphere and the quality of the user group, also let Jingdong platform popularity continue to accumulate, bring tangible benefits, so Jing Dongping Taiwan increasingly favored by the business, which of course direct threat Tmall’s position, and perhaps this is Tmall to make businesses "one of two" the main reason behind the.

economic and social competition can only make the market more rational, there is no monopoly market competition, not only hurt businesses and consumers, the industry is also a barrier to power. Multi platform competition, the choice of more consumption, the price will be more competitive. And if Tmall two choose one behavior continues to develop, from the industry point of view, it is bound to form a monopoly, the interests of businesses will be deprived, and thus into a completely passive environment. This is not what businesses want to see, of course, consumers will not agree.

so, although Tmall may be a short-term support for a small number of businesses, but in the long run, but not conducive to the development of the industry, will also be abandoned by businesses and consumers. The development of an open platform only Jingdong more open platform to grow, it will have a positive effect on the entire industry, in order to give the market a healthy competitive environment for businesses to give consumers more choice, more space for concessions. Although the competition is not Tmall want to see, but must be countless businesses and consumers expect (text / Liu Minhua)