Beijing colleges and universities to buy operations experience summary

first to promote the general situation, promotion time: May 26th -6 month 15, Beijing, a university. Within 20 days, the real forum registered members close to 600, in the shopping membership of nearly 200 people, more than three members shopping 100 people (loyal members), close to 10 thousand of total amount of shopping, group purchase products more than 100 pieces of more than 10.

site staff: a total of three people, one of the designers, a forum for customer service (at the beginning of June, the delivery) and I, I have more than half of the time to do the mobile business group (the company is gold gold agents – Mobile is the highest level). (now just recruited two full-time promotion and several part-time staff).

promotion methods: offline promotion and online promotion:

a, offline promotion (hard push)

Under the promotion of

lines, mainly leaflets, posters, promotional cards, campus surrounding business cooperation.

1, flyers: propaganda leaflets is the essential method of propaganda, propaganda, some people say the effect is not good, as for the effect of publicity, personal feeling has two points, one is the design of leaflets content, one is to control the leaflets issued. We in 20 days, leaflets issued 4 round, is mainly distributed by one way. 5.26 the first round of the issue, the number of the second round of the issue, No. 6.3 issued, issue No. 6.9, No. 5.29. The effect of the second round of the issuance of the first round of the effect of a lot better, the third round of the release, the forum registered an outbreak.

said an effect on the content of the leaflets, flyers content, we are so designed to buy products, we divided into three categories: clothing, cosmetics, snacks. Each category we have come up with a special to buy as a star product, used to attract new users to buy street registration. Low threshold to guide users to enter, according to the results of the subsequent detection, a lot of users to buy the product to buy the stars, but also with the group to buy another product. "The formation of reputation, reputation brand" this is the day we have to do after.

2, poster:

we hired posters to put up posters in every corner of the school. "The poster team" is specialized in school posters, they took the brush, riding a car, a barrel of car paste. Posters posters in school, security will not interfere. To post it, security will tear up. Posters in the cover, the poster team will be the first time to post. Each school has several posters, posters and some team, is also responsible for several school poster. The main play the role of brand publicity.

later in the street to buy things with the group members, we have presented a poster.

3, promotional card:

we made 200 thousand promotional cards, this time issued about 20 thousand. The scope of payment: in the small box of the bicycle, on the desk of the study room, dormitory, and the dining room door