Network network push Tomb notes custom products P value reconstruction

July 31st, LETV pictures held a "value reconstruction" conference in Beijing, announced that it will start from the "Tomb notes" that a strong Internet IP, with film and music as ecological recreation IP to strengthen the anti IP, ecological reconstruction, IP value. In the conference site, network network for "Tomb notes" launched ecological customized products – "wine gift box mystery tomb".


music as value reconstruction day conference

"Tomb wine gift" products as the main network network this year and strive to create a global brand rose to Naynay Wine. It is reported that the "fire rose Naynay" by the network network and Chile concha group launch. The fire rose Wine produced with a history of 186 years of "Paradise terroir" Chilean Central Valley, Chile by the Research Institute of big data precision research, its smooth taste and superior product quality has been accepted by the mass consumer market.


network network "Tomb of wine gift box" debut release

tomb wine gift box "inherited" Tomb notes "fantasy, adventure features, will open the box and tasting" open coffin bucket "thrill fusion, enough to make" rice "favorite!" coffin "box, collocation theme showing the slightest chill Ling decoration. At the same time, the fire rose after Naynay package, dense invisible Mami, full is a "big dumplings". In addition, a gift box with the original movie, feng shui compass detection customized version of takrut, retaining the original tomb weapon candle, the "Tomb notes" in the mystery, thriller, suspense scene reduction and the world.

fire rose and Wine "Tomb notes" IP to achieve the perfect fusion, which is behind the music as ecological deep understanding of IP brand operation. Network network said, the main fire rose "brave from love" brand advocates, which agrees with the "Tomb notes" coverage of the youth audience and user emotional appeal. The music through the IP brand operation, tailored for the user experience and service, hope that through the unique "Tomb notes" IP unique ecological customized products as the "rice" surprises welfare.


tomb wine gift box "fiery landing network network


conference announced that LETV ecological Indiana summer season officially launch. At present, the "Tomb of wine gift box" has been in the form of log network network (, the pre-sale price of 399 yuan gift box. At the same time, the disclosure of a number of preferential schemes: fans of the music as the mall to buy "Tomb notes" movie tickets, movie super super sports membership, membership, can get the network network 100 yuan coupons. In addition, the purchase of music as a super mobile phone can be given as a gift