Alibaba Winport shop service the nightmare of the company

small and medium enterprises to build the Internet status quo

China’s tens of millions of small and medium enterprises, but there are not many independent web sites, according to the survey, at least 90% of companies do not have their own Internet signs

with the rapid development of the Internet in recent years, has also led to the development of e-commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises, therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises demand for enterprise website construction is also more and more, but the general small and medium-sized enterprises are not a separate network department, therefore the construction site are outsourced to professional web design company, followed, but also to promote more and more small and medium-sized enterprises website for web design company pillar.

in recent years, with the development of the industry, the establishment of the enterprise competition is heated up, because the industry is more and more mature, competition has turned into a price war, from the initial construction cost tens of thousands, now down to 1000-2000 costs, some studios shouted 500 yuan package post office space domain, makes the enterprise website the living environment is more and more bad.

grab a Yaojin

08 years, with a 1 yuan.Cn packet domain, will pursue the low cost of small and medium-sized enterprises build climax, as China is the world’s largest Internet e-commerce service provider Alibaba, also quietly for his users to provide free domain name, but no one would have thought the strategic plan of the Alibaba, the Alibaba is just that borrow 1 yuan.Cn packet domain engage in an activity.

this year, I entered into a company, responsible for network related issues, including the construction of websites and e-commerce, found that the Internet company to find out the situation, the company’s Web site, use is provided by Alibaba "Winport shop" service, and use is the Alibaba to provide free top-level domain carefully check, after, not by the Alibaba and by the strategic plan.

on the company’s website as an example, the Alibaba "Winport shop" service, not only provides dozens of sets of different style in the template on the subject, but also the basic function of enterprise website, such as company introduction, product information, company dynamic, product qualification certificate, books, online messages, contact and Goods are available in all varieties.. Focus on e-commerce functions such as online communication, direct link to the Alibaba product library also can be perfect, not polite to say, the Alibaba "Winport shop" service, is an electronic version of the enterprise business intelligent system.

Lenovo to the Alibaba’s tens of millions of users, it is not difficult to imagine the Alibaba’s intention, through a "site system", from the small and medium-sized enterprise website to separate the trouble and expense, more likely to win over users, all users of the website, the data are in our hands, more in line with an e-commerce giant ambition. But this is undoubtedly to the enterprise site >