Shop decoration industry fierce competition decoration division work more than ten hours a day

online shopping market is becoming increasingly popular, all kinds of online shops springing up. In order to talent shows itself in the increasingly fierce competition, shop keeper who have adorned the facade, with eye-catching. So, the shop decoration gradually popular. Even without the sun and rain, as long as the mouse, but the industry is very competitive, shop decoration Division is not the referred to as "the click of a mouse, earning 100 thousand".

competitive fees charged uneven

now to the shop to do the decoration of the main two, one is to sell ready-made templates, one is customized." Part time shop decoration Guo told the IT Times reporter, the general designer is more inclined to custom, higher fees, but also to show personalized design creativity.

because of the shop production standards are different, the difficulty and different functions defined, in accordance with the requirements of the customer’s personality, is also a great difference between cost of online shop decoration Division charge, the cheapest template is only 25 yuan, a full set of basic decoration price 88 yuan, the "luxury decoration" needs 188 yuan. As for a set of carefully tailored "Wang shop" template, the price is not cheap. The reporter found in a "shop decoration net", and it provides the imitation Taobao mall template, template, template imitation imitation show Jingdong and so on, the price from eight hundred or nine hundred yuan to several thousand dollars. A personnel, customers can directly use the template, pictures, text and other content are maintained and updated; if the style of customer dissatisfaction with the template, is required to pay a certain amount of amendment fee, they will send personnel to carry out personalized design modification.

in addition, some companies to help customers design independent shop, higher cost, more powerful, the design includes not only a beautiful page, as well as various types of applications. "Small view" website in website design for many years, the person in charge of Mr. Yu told "IT times" reporter, the price will be according to the design requirements and functions, such as clothing shop will generally in 10 thousand to 15 thousand, some complex about 2~3 million."

creative plus sweat decoration Division is very hard

shop decoration Division can live at home, the reporter learned that their general monthly salary of about 5000 yuan, part of the monthly salary to reach the master of the decoration on the million. Insiders said that with the online shopping platform restrictions on the page module is less and less, shop decoration Division has more room to play.

Xiao Nan in college is the design, after graduation to enter an advertising company. With the passage of time, she found a far cry from the company’s philosophy and design their own dreams simply resign, engaged in design work shop you love.

in the south, shop decoration Division Based on technology, creativity is the soul. Shop design technical content itself is not high, generally only need to be proficient in web production and mapping software, with a certain aesthetic vision can be competent. To highlight the unique personality, the most important thing is creativity, we must understand the use of inspiration and color, in order to obtain a stable source."

some people describe shop decoration Division "literally"