The road of enterprise marketing lease Hongkong server

With the continuous improvement of the domestic market economy and politics in the international status, more and more enterprises began to seek new business opportunities, and for a time,

marketing has become a hot spot. However, the enterprise export of the road is not quite so easy, many foreign companies want to put their own business in the overseas expansion but feel powerless, the reason for this is the enterprise information poor, marketing channels caused by the limited, may I ask, if a foreign trade enterprise, even a website is not, and so how to grasp the more


more so for small and medium enterprises, should with e-commerce platform, is the enterprise has more access opportunities, improve transaction efficiency, reduce operating costs at the same time, however, due to China’s international export bandwidth leads to a serious lack of average site bandwidth is less and less, and in so many enterprises are in the when using the Internet, huge data traffic for limited bandwidth problems, will lead to overseas users access the site speed is very slow, or even open the case, seriously affected the image of the enterprise and business.

when talking about this issue, the person in charge of the well-known IDC’s 52 flat-share said: " if the site open speed is slow because instead of the user is foreign trade enterprise losses, therefore, suggested that the foreign trade enterprises in overseas users should put the website on the server, directly facing the target customer base, "


server is the best choice of overseas rent is rented server in Hongkong, Hongkong and the mainland is the nearest, and Hongkong international server has enough bandwidth, from the record, content less restrictions, so the Hongkong lease server is the best choice for foreign trade enterprises.