Juhuasuan became uneconomical price fraud as flawed

electricity supplier fame in recent years, a lot of Taobao owners also earned a lot of money, of course, more money is earned this Ali electronic business platform, especially a few years ago, Taobao launched Juhuasuan, not only let Taobao earned a pours, but also changed the pattern of group purchase. In the field of Taobao group purchase is the so-called one, who, and many businesses for Juhuasuan to provide more services and more fierce price cuts, but Juhuasuan after a little more than two years of operation, Juhuasuan products is really cost-effective?

Juhuasuan turned out to be a worthwhile

to know the group purchase start to become very difficult since 2012, more and more of the group purchase site suffered a collapse, so why Juhuasuan can become a group purchase industry A new force suddenly rises., Ever-victorious general? Many people may think that Taobao has more resources, so do not worry about the business support, users pay. But if Juhuasuan gives a discount price in accordance with the tragic, fully formed businesses sell more, lose more, what these businesses also braved the risk of losses on Juhuasuan? Unless these businesses are volunteers, but at the same time, no matter the interests who will crush the skin on the Juhuasuan


when the wheel of time into 2013, after Taobao double 11 promotion, from the consumer complaints Association cases rapidly brought the correct answer to this question, to improve the original Taobao Juhuasuan actually has a lot of products and the proportion of the front, then like a discount measures, in other words, the the original method of false discounts, let the price of the product or the sales price of peace on the Juhuasuan platform, such as for those consumers did not know the truth of the products, also are cheap, so the sales volume is huge, nature can allow businesses to earn very good, this effectively explains the reasons why businesses to crush into Juhuasuan


original price fraud was exposed, consumers are injured

when a complaint to the Consumers Association, more and more cases finally turned into a variable amount of accumulation of qualitative change, many users said on the Internet, do not believe blandishments Juhuasuan goods, even some commodity prices seem attractive, but the quality is too poor to buy back either, or their expect to have a very great disparity, now the price has not imagined so cheap, the original price and the actual without too much difference, plus the quality problem, now Juhuasuan consumer products, it is indeed a chance for being, or to experience the pleasure of being


according to this situation, Taobao is not willing to let their reputation damage, although this is the behavior of businesses, but as a service platform, if the lack of effective supervision, which is actually a kind of indulgence, so for this phenomenon, Taobao in order to improve its image, began a redemptive journey, now clear >