Mop com list of VP members announced in December

respected webmaster, Hello everyone!

we have been very grateful for the support of long-term trust and alliance. We selected the last month on the advertising alliance, the flow is relatively stable, high quality IP, no cheating record and advertising average click above 3000IP webmaster, become our VIP member.

The number of members of the

VIP CPC advertising prices from 07 years in December 5th will increase to 45 yuan /1000IP, hope VIP members can increase advertising efforts and increase the number of ad clicks, make profit more ideal. At the same time, we also look forward to more high-quality webmaster to increase efforts to achieve our VIP standards and apply for our VIP membership. At the same time, VIP members will be proposed to optimize the advertising alliance, and MOP have more opportunities for cooperation, including friendship connection, marketing activities and brand promotion.

upgrade to this batch of VIP members have the following ID: jingcan, mop_654789, zh55, n63n63, ATA, qqshanzi. These members will be settled at the bottom of the time each month to 45 yuan /1000IP Commission Standard for settlement. In addition, the following VIP members: qu12312, wxtd, wyun, 99dy, booksky. Because the number of daily average IP for two consecutive months did not reach VIP standard, will cancel the qualification of VIP station this month, and the need to participate in the VIP qualification. Hope that we continue to strive for more income. Union will as in the past is committed to online product promotion business, to create a truly professional alliance platform, and the majority of owners who work together, common development! alliance

December 4, 2007

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