Talking about how to optimize the conversion rate of business website

slowly, do SEO to the age of electronic commerce, such as electronic commerce and in doing things like not only consider the IP or PV of such problems, and more is the combination of the user experience of the website, the website structure, website conversion problems of data analysis it is a single. Most sites are converted into customers with only a small portion of the visitors. According to Clickz, the average online conversion rate is about 2.3%, while the highest in about 9%, (only a few sites in the 10%-15% mark). In this paper, we in the conversion rate optimization technology and touch focus on the following topics: demography, psychology, unique selling proposition, the performance gap, redesign, persuasive architecture, testing and conversion path.

know your customers, in order to sell well you must understand your customers better.


is your client primarily female or male? Men tend to be highly logical and rational to make specific decisions. Women tend to rely more on emotional and emotional decisions, and thus affect your men must have more specific facts, and affect women you must affect the mood. What is their income / job? It is clear that more customers make more, you can charge them, especially if you have the ability to get a higher price for you (think SONY team is not well-known brand).

education? They are very smart.



consumer psychology:

what is their character Myers Briggs designed a psychological tool called the Myers Briggs type indicator, 4 main features and 16 different personalities. The 16 main human personality is one of the operating system, each with a unique preference decision, understand the work of research and practice to predict their response time of all personality types and years, therefore, four basic characteristics started. Wikipedia describes them, you can find more here.

customer target:

what your customers want to achieve? If you don’t know what the customer needs, how can you provide the solution?

what problems do they need to solve?

other questions:

what are the benefits that are important to customers and that the benefits you know can make you interested in your potential customers and spike interest. Sometimes the benefits can be below the surface. For example, a person wants to lose weight to look good, but why? Perhaps, improve the ability to attract potential partners.

what questions do your customers often ask questions about your customer requirements that can be resolved by copying these rights at the site or in the FAQ section?. I’ve found that direct copying works have better answers than they do.