Double 11 electricity supplier promotional show carnival or overdraft

starts at zero on November 11th. How many people are waiting for the year’s largest electricity supplier promotional show opening?

"we haven’t slept for two days." Green box CEO Wu Fangfang busy no time to talk to reporters.

"we talk later, at the moment is really the most critical moment, we ‘Chong billion’ is also the last 400 thousand yuan." Camel flagship store in charge of the phone excitedly shouted to reporters. This is the 11 evening 21:33.

super big show

10, 22, Hangzhou Huaxing Times Building, Tmall "double 11" shopping section of the main battlefield, lights.

on the third floor of the temporary media center, a large screen on the wall projection of the Taobao system real-time trading chart. Ali group offices and offices around the branches of the office, the walls or staff on the computer screen, have such a real-time map.

a month ago, Tmall revealed that this year "single day" promotion for maximum flow of 2.4T reserves, about more than 10 thousand of businesses apply for permission to participate in "double 11" promotion. Last year, Tmall conventional reserve value of 800G, the maximum peak value of about 960G.

"there’s an hour before the traffic has been 1.6T." Ali group, a mid-level quietly told reporters.

jewelry business or investment Xinguang’s generation of operating companies and warehousing companies done by members to deal with. On behalf of the original operator of the customer service more than and 60 people, as a double the temporary supplement of an additional more than and 40 people, warehouse company warehouse staff of people, a temporary supplement to more than and 500 people. They pulled out a banner in the office: "double 11" responsibility, let the total clock streaking right." Last year, double 11 their turnover of 4 million yuan, this year’s goal is $10 million. In accordance with the contract, after the realization of the target responsible for warehouse bell in Hangzhou will be a viaduct on the streaking.

buyers are also fighting

a few days ago, Chen and already in the Alipay account is filled with 8000 yuan in cash, a good collection of goods, for the "large" open. In the media center, a large number of reporters are waiting for the big shopping spree". The temporary "ammo" busy call friends to help your Alipay account recharge.

10 times each day at 23:59, Huaxing office in silence. Within a minute, more than 10 million people into the Tmall. In the first three minutes, the order of the 500 came in." Three squirrel nut brand founder chapter prairie cried.

after careful layout of Tmall and Alipay also seemed unable to resist sustain the blows. Within minutes, a large number of users found that Alipay can not enter the payment page, the many users even unable to log on Tmall and Taobao page.

Chen and on the phone to our reporter >