How to get rid of the errors in the network marketing to enhance sales

to the network marketing a variety of marketing tools, marketing ideas by surprise, shaping the brand advantages such as low cost, favored by enterprises. The rise of network marketing, from the rapid development of Internet technology, the number of Internet users continued to rise, due to the potential of the huge online consumer market. It can be said that network marketing, is rapidly changing our lives, speed into our lives.

"network marketing is the most representative of a low cost, high efficiency of the new business form in twenty-first Century. Network marketing is to carry out marketing activities with the help of the network. It includes not only on the Internet for the network virtual market to carry out marketing activities, including the on-line service from the traditional tangible marketing activities, including to carry out traditional means in the network service in the network virtual market marketing activities". (from MBA mbalib)

life can not be separated from the network marketing, business development is inseparable from the network marketing. When the importance of more and more enterprises realize the network marketing and proceed with, carry the banner, do drama, the name of network marketing slogan, invest a lot of money but could not see the slightest improvement in a few enterprises, network marketing do not in place, or no people?

I’m afraid not, far Zhuo brand agencies and business leaders to communicate, many bosses of network marketing say what SEO and CPS closely reasoned and well argued, EDM, email marketing, database marketing, marketing, event marketing, PPC, blog promotion, Forum promotion and so on, seems to be No.

speaking of talent, are experienced programmers, sophisticated network marketing elite, why still does not see the result? Let us take a look at the enterprise in network marketing often into what misunderstanding, what is the reason for restricting the development of enterprise network marketing:

misunderstanding: network marketing has become a model drama. Network marketing to SEO as the standard, the search engine included data for the performance, the production of fine corporate website, face work is in place, the leadership is very satisfied.

comments: network marketing is not a model drama, network marketing is the practice, is in touch with the stones across the river, no one of the success of the enterprise is the same. Network marketing is the same, a model can not make two companies, but in any case, the results of the network marketing is to sell.

error two: network marketing no destination. Under the banner of network marketing, to enhance the brand, to enhance visibility, to improve the share of Guan Jian word for the purpose of network marketing.

comment: the purpose is to have the Internet, no matter how high reputation, not sales, not to sell, we must drink the Northwest wind.

error three: network marketing system. Network marketing tools and methods commonly used in business to use, one can not miss, we work every day is to visit a large number of industry website, post write text, email and so on.

comments: network marketing is a mental activity, not