The entrepreneurial stories of college students and SEO


I am a rookie SEOer, is also a sophomore in Wuhan College students. In the face of many of the great God SEO, I never claimed to rookie, although also helped several companies completed SEO, also got the money, but this process is very difficult.

is the first to learn SEO, I did not receive formal training, from a small game only to understand the beginning of white, all the contents of self-study. From the beginning of ZAC downloading "SEO real code", has broken watch free video, each agency many friends to the audio files, in the face of so many free resources I cherish, because the university life can not afford the high cost of the VIP training institutions. While others are playing the game, I am watching the video; while others are playing, I am watching the video; while others go out to play, I am watching the video. In the first semester, I built the first own website HUANGJIAHU Forum (my university so do a side site in Huangjiahu University city.


gradually found himself watching these videos and books, there is no very difficult to deal with a lot of technology. Do 301 redirection, do 404 error page, write robots files, the code cannot read not to mention the code… But… In the hard to update and the chain, the website ranking steadily forward, not to put the 3 Huangjiahu forum gradually left behind 2 months. Of course, this is relatively small and the optimization of key words is also very big relationship.

until one day, a local media company to find me, want ads on my website, I deeply dwell to help him do the site optimization and long-term maintenance company. About 8000 yuan (including the optimization of successful template, maintenance outsourcing costs 300 RMB per month). I don’t earn much, but I’m still a little bit, but I can’t do it well. At this time, I began to learn the knowledge of the code, but also a serious study of web design, while learning to practice. Three months later I completed the optimization of the 4 Web site to enter the home page, and received their first money earned. Very hard, but also very encouraging.

soon, the school opened the students entrepreneurial base, my project soon entered college business park with the help of counselors, and set up a pilot network technology Limited (not registered), set up the team, specially for the small and medium-sized enterprise SEO, has also received some living expenses. Look back, smooth sailing, but as a college student, a lot of things are more difficult.

I want to stick to the school, every class can not absenteeism; school students affairs should actively treatment; the teacher explained to timely treatment, and daily trivialities. Do SEO also have a lot of frustration, do not pass more than 10 times, and even do the chain I do Wikipedia Campus Ambassador level. Write soft Wen, often do not feel can’t write good original content. But all this did not stop me from continuing SEO’s Thoughts on me >