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ECshop V3.6 PC+H5 released from the Business School of free and open source


in recent years, with the enterprise marketing era, more and more enterprises and businesses profoundly perceived, settled in the third party platform has been difficult to meet the development of enterprises, self built online shopping mall has become more and more enterprises to choose.

as a large user base shop system, the business school from the ECshop to the shopping process in front of scientific reasonable and humanized attracts consumers under a single. ECshop back-end function, although more and more powerful, but the operation is more and more simple, visual editing, WYSIWYG, become the most engaged in the electricity supplier of the individual and enterprise preferred.

functional strength of large

ECSHOP from the business school as the old shop system, is very comprehensive, not only has a strong product screening function and flexible promotion function; also can edit the parameters of goods, including number, brand, category, price, inventory, cost, price, integral, pictures, detailed description and so on, but also the invoice can track and batch print, businesses and consumers can track the logistics; each page can be targeted for SEO title, keyword search engines.

high efficiency

business school from ECSHOP using a powerful file caching mechanism, database, to ensure the smooth operation of the system before and after the execution speed is faster, the system.

business school from ECShop is an open source online store system of the domestic market share of the first. After years of development, ECShop shop system in terms of product function, stability, efficiency, load capacity, safety or in the search engine optimization, ranking first in the domestic leading position, and approved by the majority of users, far ahead of the same industry well-known e-commerce system. ECShop is committed to providing customers with more powerful software and better quality services, powerful, stable system, user acceptance, the monthly download installed capacity of more than 10000.

iResearch data show that in 2016 China Mobile online shopping in the overall online shopping transaction size accounted for 68.2%, 22.8 percentage points higher than last year, the mobile terminal over the PC side to become the online shopping market more consumption scenarios; at the same time, the online shopping market in 2016, Chinese TOP10 enterprise mobile end users far exceeding the growth rate of PC end. App end user growth rate reached 27.1%, an increase of only 9.6% PC. Ari analysts believe that the transfer of consumer habits, the company continued to force the mobile terminal is the main reason for the continuous penetration of the mobile terminal.

according to the data show that mobile and PC segment online shopping market is still rising. What is the business school will cater to the needs of the business enterprise to provide service and experience, is now officially open ECShopV3.6 (PC+H5) complete source code.

enhanced 5 core functions