Analysis on how to optimize the web page


web page optimization is one of the most basic things, including the optimization of web content is very wide, there is talk about not talking about other web page optimization, internal link building and other station optimization, in order to make it clear that I use figure 4 to talk about "how to optimize

2, not just the page optimization keyword optimization

(2) in the middle of "quality evaluation by the user in the search results of the behavior, such as frequency, noble baby users access to a page and then return to access the same page of the +1 button.

(3) of the right is evaluated through the browser tools, data, such as a user to return this page number and so on.

The ? To assess the effect of Figure " integratedIf you do

this may be done Shanghai, one of the most concern, the search engine is how to determine a "good or bad? From this chart, we can see, from the analysis of" quality left by three ways to right quality.


page optimization is the value of your web page theme and main keywords to be consistent, but not just repeat the words, but should you do with page titles and keywords perfect.

3, the search engine is how to judge the quality of the

is a ranking difficulty value map and page keywords in the title distribution value, the y-axis shows the ranking difficulty value, the abscissa value distribution page keywords in the title, it can be seen from the picture, the page keywords in the Title Distribution in perfectly matches on page algo the value of this point, the ranking ability is stronger.

pictured from left to right, I briefly:

above is analyzed from 4 dimensions, the premise is: whether there is.

, 4 or more "

"key words are two words or more when you are doing a comprehensive web page or the page keywords separately do? Look at the picture below you will get the answer.

Page Title Optimization, optimization and so on. These are necessary, but the web content, good design, not in a hurry and availability and so on more and more affect the quality of Web optimization, the right than the left more web content and web user experience.

(1) on the left is through the spider crawl and content analysis, such as web page layout is not in conformity with the specifications, web content is not new, Google recently launched a new algorithm.



1, web page optimization