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In the face of these stations

sorry, for most of the webmaster, station group slightly higher barriers. We understand that many websites station is literally. The characteristics of site independent IP, domain name and space. Because of the need for a relatively large financial and human resources, one of the most basic site from the domain name space to at least have more than 500 yuan, and the establishment of a little scale of tens of thousands of stations not nabuxialai, plus subsequent human input, rely on that person’s strength is very difficult, so often operation station group as a team. If only the human and financial threshold, I believe that many owners will still try, but also stand in high profit and high risk group with a little attention, such as content, high repetition rate, the source of the chain as well as the distribution of the position too consistent, it would be easy to search engine judge for cheating, leading the entire station group have been affected. However, due to the complicated operation station group, these problems are difficult to avoid. Such as the content, need to spend a lot of time to add different content for each site, chain also need to spend a lot of energy planning.

each stationmaster friend is called the webmaster, because there are more or less have their own website. Why don’t we join together to build a huge "station group"? In this station, resources are unlimited, repetition rate is very low, the chain exchange has no rules to follow, is natural random chain.

we can build a mutually beneficial exchange platform resources, and it is not only a chain exchange, because each site the chain is limited, we can change the chain, you can also change the page in the anchor text, you can also change the soft news (we have channels), the total of its core purpose is together, the establishment of a mutually beneficial interchange "station group", the "station group" have you, have me, the greatest degree from the third party platform released the chain shackles. I am going to be the "station group"

threshold, only do we stand at the door and watching others, to get all the benefits of stations? If there is such an opportunity now: you don’t need to put what cost, you don’t need to do what the content and chain planning, but you can also have a station group and would you like to try? Interest can be added to the group of 180321240, the following content will be answered.

for the station group benefits, believe that the webmaster friends know. Because it is a lot of people on the Internet have a lot of money weapon, standing group of rich case, like before, focusing instead on making money "levorotatory elder brother", and could appear what "the monthly income of a few W stations". Because the station profitable, so far, the station group is still very popular in the circle. At present, the most widely used is standing group of sprocket, which is one of the many operation station stationmaster seize keywords technique. Using multiple sites to optimize the same keywords, the effect will be quite obvious, of course, the risk will be relatively large. But whether it is promotion or included, station group effect is allow all doubt.