Love your site the love of spiders in Shanghai when the inevitable rule pets

, a webmaster to become website chief fan

perhaps for many Shanghai dragon friends, they do not necessarily recognized the words above, but I think love is Shanghai has recognized the important point, if a large number of spam flooding the Internet, with its own search platform, it will inevitably cause Internet users antipathy. So in 2013, when Shanghai and Scindapsus algorithm love spark plan introduced, many people think that before Shanghai Longfeng practice problems, a large number of Web site is down right, many people even complain incessantly Shanghai dragon, "Shanghai dragon

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two, Shanghai love is a big Mac collector


recently, many of my friends have to consult the author, just want to know how to make a new site can be quickly collected, and ranking. In this regard, the answer is, if you want to love can love Shanghai spider on your website, you must first love their own website.

in fact, love is not offensive Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng, but by means of the optimization on the home page at a lot of bad products do! As the knife has two kinds of function, which can be used to cook to cook, can also be used to other users, about how to use. Similarly, Shanghai dragon is the Internet a knife tool, if we can make good use of, not only can the website home page increased rapidly, so that more relevant search needs friends can come to the website to find suitable data, can let the web platform more easily obtain brand publicity, attract customers to make profit. But if we use your own Shanghai Dragon Technology and various resources, just some do not know the so-called web platform pushed to the home page, let users search could not find what they want in love in Shanghai, the only site in the course of time is difficult to obtain long-term gains, but also dragged down the love Shanghai search market share, so love Shanghai clean up is necessary to


based on the above reasons, we as a webmaster at the same time, it is necessary for us to know the truth, only our website quality to meet the needs of Shanghai love, then love Shanghai will give us reasonable search rankings. So it is necessary to master to become chief fan site, only when truly love their own website, I hope I can share more information to like-minded friends through it, they can get more support from the Internet, we can not forget the real spirit of the Internet is open, equality, cooperation and sharing of

is dead!

website owners do not love their own website, how can let other people love? Similarly, love in Shanghai more and more human nature of the spider now, concentrate on the web site, will be able to get a better evaluation of love Shanghai – ranking, not because of special optimization of you, but because you concentrate on the


why the author has repeatedly stressed the importance of the content of the website? As it relates to love Shanghai really.