Now the chain of Shanghai dragon is useful


does not do the chain, does not mean that the site is not outside the chain of

? A lot of the chain?

first, effect of the chain to Shanghai dragon did decline, but not as to fall to useless point. So far, the chain is one of the most important parts of the Shanghai dragon. If 10 years ago the chain accounted for sixty or seventy per cent of the Shanghai dragon, may now be dropped to thirty or forty per cent, is still the first second, far from out of date.

take home to do long tail keywords, probably do not need what the chain, or just a few. But it can not explain the chain of no use, only that the word is not difficult, not what competitors, naturally do not do the chain. Whether in love or Google search in Shanghai, some commercial value is high, the words, which website is not powerful enough to

some people will say, some very strong competition, ranking in the front is a web page, the page is not what the chain. This is not the same that the chain of no use. This website is not large, all pages have good outside chain, but please check the home page and important pages outside the chain.

those specious idea of Shanghai dragon two: the chain is still useful? Or that the chain has been out of date

listen to

only XX is not enough, this sentence can be applied are set up in almost anything, which is almost equal to what did not say.

by the way, to take home to do the long tail word, that it did not do in the long tail.

said: "only by the chain has been out of date, this is true, but extends to the chain is not what logic. In fact, Shanghai dragon is never simple on the outside of the chain, high quality content, user experience, these have said for more than 10 years. I started to write a daily Shanghai dragon in 2006, the first one is the post content is the first element of the Shanghai dragon.

but don’t forget, do not need to do.

excessive extension

online this argument, that much is one letter, then spread more widely. In fact, people who hear neither evidence nor thinking, but in order to look like no other, hard to create a new view.

chain is still the important content and method of Shanghai dragon, why so many people said the chain out of date? I see, said the chain has no use there are several situations:

Since the

many large companies have a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, but they are not doing the construction of the chain, not the chain Commissioner this position, search rankings and natural flow is still strong. This is why many large companies in Shanghai Longfeng rarely about the chain, they are more about the site structure, keyword mining, data analysis and other techniques, this is their main job content.