Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform service upgrades help the search for ecological empowerment

for site service

‘mobile user experience will be a priority among priorities, excessive page ads will be punished! "

Webmaster Platform has to accompany you through six years, in addition to traffic management platform, also love Shanghai as search and Internet communication bridge industry in a variety of ways; through online and offline, for the engineers and the webmaster love Shanghai face-to-face communication, let love Shanghai search to understand more stationmaster needs, also let more and more about the site love Shanghai search rules and search optimization new trend, make the search more open;

March 23, 2017, sponsored by the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform VIP forum & Sharon successfully held in Guangzhou Tianhe Sheraton Hotel Guangzhou Railway Station, the salon speaker love Shanghai Webmaster Platform new service upgrade, mobile web and mobile Web Accelerator project specification.

resources privilege, including our new products this year preferred online, such as Aladdin and the original beta

1, feedback

in technical support, 2017 will continue to increase investment, in addition to the mature MIP technology will continue to promote, the platform also will work with Google PWA, PWA Native App will let H5 have the experience, so as to increase the conversion rate of the website and live on. At present, Mip has covered the site page number over 900 million, in addition to bring the site flow generally increased 20% or more, advertising rates and advertising revenue generally increased more than 50%.

"blockbuster first exposure: Aladdin will open"

3, service privilege for VIP site by EDM and we will remind the search, dynamic anomaly rules, hit algorithm


love Shanghai Aladdin platform believe in what you do in fall in love with the sea have seen the show, search the many personalized, characteristics of the show are Aladdin effect, will be exposed heavy news: love is Shanghai’s Aladdin platform, ready to open, after the opening of quality content will support more sites show priority to search users love Shanghai.


, MIP, PWA, let "technology model", "

platform VIP club service for different privilege escalation;

, VIP site to submit questions in the feedback center, the background will be preferred VIP priority channel response, equivalent to bank hall;

the beginning of the meeting, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform responsible Zheng Na said:

club service upgrade

4, open the application, the VIP club has been invited in 2017 will be in the system, some kind of vertical open application, the timeliness of the original application at this stage has been open, the follow-up will be opened up to other vertical class.

"Webmaster Platform duty"

site developers more benefit