On the August 22nd love Shanghai algorithm upgrade

interpretation: This is mainly for the pseudo original site, the use of acquisition and pseudo original tools, put all sorts of things together out of the contents of the user cannot read.

"08-22 love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, will affect the cheating site included and ranking" low quality of the site, from the announcement of the title, we can see that the front is not important, especially the influence of "cheating site included" and "low quality site ranking". First, effects of "cheating site included, as long as the meaning of love Shanghai aware of your site is cheating, it will reduce the amount included in your site; second," low quality site sort ", if love is Shanghai judge your site for low quality sites, so the punishment right down right down, directly affect the site keyword ranking is directly decline (medical hospital website keywords now 90% rankings have flown to the outside 500.). As for how to determine the site is cheating on site or low quality website? All love Shanghai say, love is the judge and the king of Shanghai. Here we look at the contents of the announcement:

interpretation: This is mainly for the collection, copying the site, the site itself has no original content or original content ratio is too low, such as the medical industry, most of the content is copied from each other, get rid of the head and tail, reason: medical industry with the easy to understand basic knowledge.

mainly affected the station selling links dumpster, stations, passenger, Taobao QQ head, game station.

2, although the content readable, but most of the article is collected, copied from other websites, no original content itself.

Lugong and communicate with you this interpretation of love Shanghai algorithm upgrade notice:


after a month of rest, and see the notice Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, love in August 22nd Shanghai algorithm upgrade, a new round of K station kicked off the 90% hospital medical stations are affected, most be punished right down, the formation of 8.25 events. And many webmaster friends to see the 360 comprehensive search launched two weeks later, have put their hopes in the 360 search, do not say first 360 search technology is not mature, after two website traffic monitoring and analysis found that 360 search traffic, but the traffic prediction is quality of personal webmaster or people understand IT industry 360 search experience, and have not formed the conversion rate, I have for a hospital station, from 360 search to flow and no conversion rate and consulting rate, so personal recommendations, and short-term don’t put all their hopes on the 360 search, and 360 search is still a long way to go. Since the short term there is no hope, then we must update the interpretation of love Shanghai clearly understand to love Shanghai algorithm, search engine and understand their own website why would be punished, why would be right down.

The following is

1, random collection content, statement is unreasonable, the reader cannot obtain needed information from.