ndividual owners of local B2C Mall Shanghai dragon combat rankings included namely


space domain equipped program is chosen, because our company is small or to save costs, the website is used open source PHP mall system is a mainstream, I personally feel that no matter what is built station website program is the best choice of the mainstream, this is what the problem can be found to love Shanghai. Then the template is more important, the way to meet the requirements of the boss, and to consider the impact on Shanghai dragon, so the template is best to use their own design or find free and large-scale changes, make the structure of the website is the one and only, this is conducive to Shanghai dragon. When I refer to the template making love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization guide, this is the most basic tutorial.

first is the preparation of new registered domain name, and buy a space in a IDC at the local, local web site is the best with the local IDC, it will have an advantage in access speed, at the same time filing or submit.

included this is unexpected, like pregnancy, full of surprises and tangled, I did not intend to let the station to be included, because still modify the structure of the site, but the accident included only to modify stop, do content, site and other sites included stable changes only slowly after adjustment. This site is not submitted in July 29th, well after the site I just installed the love of Shanghai, today has included the home page, the snapshot for July 30th, our keywords "Shijiazhuang wine net, Shijiazhuang wine, imported from Shijiazhuang Wine" and has been ranked on the first page, or three pages, and I have not had any the chain, can be said to be a good start. Also shows that the localized site in the optimization has more advantages, said the following process:

with changes in our domestic Internet environment, personal webmaster increasingly difficult to survive, the new direction of stationmaster entrepreneurship is also quite a lot of changes, the flow of money to do business station, local stations, etc. from the original product. I am a novice webmaster, his site half-dead, recently had the chance to know a wine import boss Shijiazhuang local, help him to do a B2C mall specifically for the local industry, I put the site construction and promotion of record, hope that we can help. Today to write about Shanghai Longfeng things.


After the

procedures and templates began to develop after a good job title, keywords, description, in the choice of keywords according to local needs, and then refer to some other similar large wine website, but also in a love Shanghai promotion account reference about love keywords promotion account recommendation to the Shanghai sea dragon in the long tail the choice of keywords or quite helpful, to provide more comprehensive. Not too long title four words on the line, is to write the best creative, easy to understand, including keyword description.

After making a good start to add these