The new line rapid ranking techniques

wanted to do Internet companies, for the establishment of the enterprise, and later saw a lot of money, said the template site, Shanghai Longfeng mall system development, make money and so on, because I have such advantages, the template site I did not consider, because it is opposite the Shanghai dragon and earn money, so I chose the development of shopping mall system, make money Shanghai Longfeng mall system development, not a word ah, the development of a person at least a month, more than half ah, but fortunately I in recent years has been to develop their own mall ideas, often update procedures and functions of me, because my program is JSP JAVA program language. This online source is less and less, I knew about SHOPEX, PHP, ECSHOP what, the development of a person is really a bit difficult, but there are many problems I have all the solutions, shopping cart, AJAX, The cache, the pseudo static functions are well, the mall after the successful development, is the promotion, let others use ah, when there are few people, because the template development is not very beautiful, fully meet the function.

in the online chat group, once a person said to sell to make money, selling clothes, shoes, bags, daily necessities and so on Home Furnishing can earn money through the Shanghai dragon, I saw its profits at the time, and then started to do a shopping mall system, specialized agency package, said, I built very quickly, the first is the domain name registration, with keyword domain name baobao98 without a good name, and then bought a JSP space, prepare the matter, I was very excited when the record came back, because I can’t wait on the line, in the local has had a good test, I want a good the title, keyword description,

this is a real case, I do have a few years, large and small sites there are hundreds, each doing a new station, I will use the notebook to record the relevant information of its growth course, now do website ranking has been very experienced, most sites will have good rankings, will get ranked in a short time.


the speed of a website ranking that I remember, from the website to ranking on the home page in just 25 days, but now the site was no longer in operation, mainly engaged in the operation and management of the company, so I come here to share this growth station to the novice, rookie webmaster, maybe my experience for the old station is never.

upload program, connect to database, system settings, title, keywords, keyword I do not start too hot words, mainly to buy bags, bags sold online, website, net bag, the word index is not high, I want to spend three weeks to make up the ranks. However, I only spent twenty days to have a good ranking, 2012-02-02 on the line, a station for the bag, eight days later, included the home page, without WWW, then there is a word 30, after a few days with webmaster tools, check, the weight is a word, there are also several the ranking,