How to deal with the arrival of the Google Panda 3 4 update algorithm

What is the semantic search of

Google update algorithm according to the search is looking for information to provide high quality information has more relevance, so if you want to sell your products through the site, the best you can provide a more detailed product information or website to your visitors information. Can not just focus on the content we want to sell products, but also pay attention to and the search for the information you want.

guide your visitors to browse the information you provide is a response to the search engine algorithm change means. Through a FAQ page is similar to a specific answer. At the same time also for Google’s semantic search more friendly, can obtain higher weights.

So how to deal with the change of

3: help your visitors to

through the FAQ page


as the Shanghai dragon Er optimization strategy we should be with the search engine algorithm to update and continuously adjusted.

recently announced that it will in the Google panda algorithm to make a big change, is also in the upcoming panda 3.4. According to the search engine optimization experience, regardless of changes in Google update at most will affect the ranking. On the Internet, whether large or small Internet companies, will be affected by update Google panda algorithm, not what website can survive, and even some have invested a lot of money in the budget Shanghai dragon in the competition site, if a violation of Google panda algorithm will be lower ranking. The Google and will be announced in the algorithm will improve the degree of concern for the semantic search. This change in either Shanghai Longfeng company or Shanghai Longfeng consultants should prepare for a keyword.

2: focus on key words

should at this time the algorithm updates, you must improve your keywords for the meaning of attention. Because Google’s semantic search can be used to analyze the key words in the article according to the context, if you insert your keywords in the articles related to the words, so your site will be very dangerous.

this time Google has to Shanghai dragon company or Shanghai Longfeng adviser announced the renewal in the next version of the panda algorithm, so we can integrate some measures to prevent because the algorithm changes cause a big impact on our site.

is the ability of semantic search based on search engine, identify the word through context and meaning through it to provide a more accurate search results. This means that Google can return more accurate search results according to the context or the meaning of the word, that is to say now if you are one of the words "tiger", so Google can determine whether it is a brand or animal.

1: make your informative