Write articles Party B Shanghai Longfeng proposal template

1, we first understand what is the Shanghai dragon



then I will move out of one of the highlights of the page, is the Shanghai dragon like hamburger production optimization. The metaphor I began in 2010 in use, every time to listen to customers, customers will be attracted to the graphics and metaphor, which is objective (ha ha). You need to change the PPT content fluctuation to control your audience, let them imagine changes, do not carry the class. This page in the introduction, I would say so. If you have not understood what is the Shanghai dragon, I put the Shanghai dragon optimization compared to Hamburg production. We know that making a hamburger need a variety of ingredients, the first is the two large piece of bread as the main, it is like we like Shanghai dragon in the website "

burst teacher is I met in Shanghai Longfeng writing the most serious person, rushed a serious effort, should also put the article to share, regardless of the content, or the beautiful PPT have a lot of knowledge in it. He shared the topic today is "Shanghai dragon B proposal template". This is the teacher in the past in the explosion about off part of the proposal selection. Whether you are a professional or personal B company to do the project, some ideas and proposals which form and be a reference, welcome everybody to be able to use your proposal to combat Shanghai dragon.

of course I won’t say something in accordance with conventional cards as well as textbooks, the customer is not willing to listen. The Shanghai dragon is concerned, we can interpret from 2 aspects, one is the user’s mental model is for a fully understand Shanghai Longfeng people exactly what is Shanghai dragon. Is actually very simple, with the vast majority of users in the search engine to see the home page information results, so a user to understand the Shanghai dragon is nothing more than to find who, not to find you is to find your competitors so simple, because users do not really care about how in action on the row up (they understand the principle is not only appearance). When we and customers also need simple explanation.

said after the user’s mental model to explain what is the meaning of the implementation model is how to achieve the effect of Shanghai dragon, what is the basic principle of it. From the implementation model in terms of a complete Shanghai dragon has 3 elements, one is content, is two words, is ranked three. Only when all 3 conditions have, that is Shanghai longfeng. We don’t think that is the Shanghai dragon ranking over, if not only ranking, keywords layout and content, the ranking may be of no significance or keywords is not the quality of the content. So when we try to explain the realization mode, also use the graphical model, rather than explain: Shanghai dragon is a through station outside the station optimization, modification technology [all kinds of content and framework of this website so lame].