Entering the Shanghai dragon industry

in Shanghai 2008 summit, Robin Li when answering a reporter’s question, he said, it seems to me that such a sentence, "after several years of each of the company’s marketing department should have a Shanghai Longfeng department or SEM department, it is to promote their products, must through such channels but such a channel must be the most effective"


with love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, these people can manipulate rankings of the black hat Shanghai dragon, has slowly come to an end.

and now will be felt or heard of a law, that is "success is often the first person to eat crab", when we want to invest in a profitable industry, into the discovery of this pot of broth meat has been eaten, then only drink soup, such as Taobao shop. Of course, I said it is a common phenomenon, there will be some more cattle, latecomers become the first.

good morning everyone! Today is the report of the morning, I suddenly think of last night, Shanghai dragon some ideas here and share with you, hope that we can help.


for example is not more than I want to tell you that we now study in 2012 Shanghai Longfeng late, on the contrary, I want to express is that we can make it to eat a pot of meat and the meat here is more nutritious than other meat industry.

we all know that a revolution is the need of time, such as the 8 year war, 10 years of the cultural revolution, the Cultural Revolution brought here, just want to borrow that revolution is the example of the future takes time.

and his words means a revolution is the Shanghai dragon or has already started

Robin Li said that sentence in 2008, has been 4 years ago, but in the development of Shanghai dragon Chinese is relatively rough, a little reflected is the biggest general enterprise that Shanghai dragon is cheating, so have exclusive. This can not blame the enterprise too unilateral to misunderstand Shanghai dragon, because the former is Shanghai dragon mostly by black hat Shanghai Longfeng practices, such as the use of keywords accumulation, link farms, redirection jump, I experience deep, because of my high school when using a mobile phone on the site, often encounter such a situation, not at that time understand. Now that you know how.

we all have heard of Robin Li, Robin Li is the founder of the love of Shanghai, is currently CEO. In 90s, he caught up with the rise of the Internet trend, and success in the early Internet business talent shows itself’s love, he is in search of Shanghai Chinese is fully deserve the search engine overlord. In the IT sector is a leader, so his every word carefully you will have a significant impact, and even caused a revolution in our motherland, like Hu, at home in our father’s speech that same proportion.

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