Fish analysis of love you cinema is how fast the lifting weight

first we open the site, found its home page structure and clear, and pop ads home without any impact on the user experience and display advertising. The above data shows what? Oh, very simple, a website to get the favour of search engine you must first have a good user experience, after all, a web site for people to see, and the search engine will certainly put more in line with the user experience standard website ranked higher some. At present many film and TV site friends in order to short-term benefits, with great influence of pop ads hanging on the website home page and the content page to the normal user access, this website imagine, it will be back? Even repeat not, not to mention what a good ranking!

The weight of

is the only standard to determine a quality of website, search engine is an important reference to determine whether the website ranking good, so how to promote the new weight in a short period of time has become one of the important topic of many webmaster every day before and after discussion. Today, the fish will come together and take a look at "love your cinema" is how deeply the search engine in a short period of time in favor of and give high weight, I hope this is to do the film website friends and enlightenment, some good, not much nonsense, to analyze

We found no !

then we click into the web page, we note the station content page link! We find that the content page link it is actually two directory links, this is why? In fact, some know little dragon Shanghai webmaster all know, a transfer of the weights of the website is: Home Page – two directory – the content page, and on the site in order to increase the weight of the content page deliberately content page links into two directory link style, so you can easily upgrade the content page weight in order to promote the weights of the site promotion.


browsing for a long time, the station, apart from the rest of the advertising alliance except Sogou advertising alliance is the love of Shanghai, why is this? Oh, we all know that we love Shanghai love their own products, in the search engine to search for any keyword appears on the front page of the absolute and we know there are Post Bar encyclopedia, in their own website to join love Shanghai for their own products is also on the website optimization has certain help. For example, in the Links add love Shanghai links on the site in Shanghai love search box code can be

then we look at the station keywords and description and labels of all types of writing, keywords and web page in the name of more intuitive, very direct describes the station’s theme and content. Description written more concise, basically not too much nonsense, all around the theme of the site to write, very much in line with the search engine included standard. Many beginners do stand, for the website name and keyword selection is almost random, what they think about anything, this is very wrong, because after all is new, if the keyword is not well, >