Clever change a new approach for web site design to help Shanghai Dragon


and URL set the directory structureFor





set up a website navigation structure

website design?

said earlier is from the website to help Shanghai Longfeng, so we try to make search engines, fewer pictures. If the site in order to art appreciation of the need to add the right amount of time pictures and Flash, you can add a website containing keywords description text to the picture, or to the Flash embedded HTML files. In addition, to be in favor of Shanghai Longfeng convenience, "using CSS style, beautiful and uniform, Java moved to the bottom of the page, can be an external.Js file.


graphics, script we can separate place, but not too much in the hierarchy, directory and file name above, should be as short as possible, of course, it must be clear. In addition, remember not to appear "?" and "=", "%", "&" and "$" on the Shanghai Longfeng negative symbols, the best static into dynamic web page. This art in website design to spend more time, but "repaid", behind Shanghai dragon will save more, to know that our common goal is to make a good website.

do stand in the traditional sense, the Shanghai dragon now are so few models that can give people much novelty, so do so out of the site will not guide users to read. A website only by Shanghai dragon means to gain greater access to now is not enough, therefore, we need to open another path. So, why don’t we do stand in the beginning of the first to take good care of Shanghai Longfeng website first step, do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng preheating stage

said the site navigation structure here includes the column, menu, help, and all aspects of the layout. Site navigation is the core of the site, a small place to show a lot of things, so this aspect is to highlight the "fine", no matter be extreme in words or in terms of structure and image processing are. However, since we said to contribute to Shanghai dragon, so Web Design in the design of the website to consider this, not only have the attractive feeling and can guarantee the future of Shanghai Longfeng convenience. We can do this: the main section to the first home screen prominently with words rather than pictures, Flash links, and the current hot must take into account. The following diagram, we are now commonly used methods, accepted and approved:

three, the website framework