Different types of Web site optimization strategy

enterprise station is our one of the most common optimization station. Keywords it mainly relies on its products. So, how to improve the relationship between product pages and keywords is very important. I hand often received some optimization of the list, are some of the product page is just a picture of this website, I will reject the general. Not to say that you cannot do, if the product page is a picture with words, the website will improve relevant keywords and website through the news page, the article can write out. Optimization method of general enterprise stand is that input your keywords to do find row in Shanghai love home business website, then collect all the chain enterprise website, and then all go, go to see their website title. Sure about 100 titles, so the latter can be used to write news. Of course, many websites are ranked according to the above method or not, it may be because a large part of the website "congenitally deficient" caused by the author, suggestions refer to the last article "who let the webmaster to stop the" congenitally deficient "".

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Internet industry with countless opportunities, resulting in many different types of websites. To search engines, electronic mall, small business is a personal website even. As a website "derivatives" website optimization is also gradually into people’s vision. There are many restrictions and fetters on how to how to optimize web site on the Internet, and the fact that not all of the sites are suitable for those restrictions and fetters. Today I would like to share with you, the optimization strategy of different types of Web sites, or focus on where.

"green" algorithm is introduced, so that the death of 90% medical sites, countless stationmaster shouted "after medical websites and also how to do?" in fact, the webmaster want to know one thing: don’t Scindapsus algorithm is only designed for you a website? Your website ranking is not the other site is love relatives in Shanghai? When you search for relevant keywords is also out of the medical steel site? So the opportunity is fair. According to the author’s suggestions are: Scindapsus algorithm will station outside the station will be standardized and strict. Scindapsus algorithm to hit the chain as everyone knows, but does not affect the station or at least. Many medical websites usually a lot, but it seems that plagiarism is quite common nowadays. I do not advocate for it, even if your content more, if you drop a lot of plagiarism, right sooner or later. Then is the chain, is also the external links, not to do, why not internal links do? Is the final structure standardization. This is a common problem, a lot of medical website article very much, resulting in internal structure is very disorder. For the three elements of each page is basically the same, leading to weight the inability to concentrate, so that the chain, ranking difficult; the chain can not be normal, the difficulty we can’t do some social tags? Love Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia soso can’t do? Can’t do? I believe such a chain can at least equivalent before you made the mess > seven or eight

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