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website is one of the target words are of great concern to us, have good rankings usually means good traffic, but the impact of the web site keywords ranking does not only have relation to our website and external links and internal links, there are still other very important factors in the influence of the rankings, such as user behavior. In the gradual development of the search engine, it is to determine the site relevance or factors have very big improvement, so we have to be pay attention to user behavior. Today I and we summarize some views of my own, that is the impact of the seven user behavior keywords ranking.

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user characteristics mainly refers to when a user visits a website or continuous, that this site has a very large practical help to the user, of course, here the user is not just a user, but many users in large quantities, click on the search engine to record behavior and track users. These are a large number of users if there is such a behavior, it can fully explain this website is very helpful to the user.

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user behavior reflects one of the most important way is the website, this is one of the most important influence keywords ranking, although there are some errors of Web site traffic, but also easy to cheat, some web traffic has a very big difference with the real flow, but on the whole, the search engine or will judge a website according to the general flow, and we are very concerned about the Alexa rankings, the site keyword ranking is also has a very large impact.

website viscosity can be search tracking and calculation engine, and a reference index for the web site keywords ranking, if a website popup rate is relatively small, indicating the site more practical, more content is high level of user acceptance, visit the page more, indicating the site experience better, so these factors together, will have a positive impact on the ranking of Web site keywords.

two clicks refers to a user searches for a keyword, and then re closed website click on the other results, this website is for two clicks, >

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website click rate is somewhat similar to the external links in the ability to vote, in many of the search results, there are many similar sites for users to choose, so each user selects a site, every click rate is a little ability to vote on the website of the. The clicking rate not only has a relationship with the ranking, with the popularity of the site and writing etc. have a certain relationship, therefore, informative content is to improve the site very good way, but on the other hand, now a part of the webmaster to cheat by click to click, which can not deceive the search engine.

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