Shanghai Longfeng station optimization five operating points

many owners found themselves in the search engine ranking is not good, will think about how to optimize and improve their ranking, but when they learned of Shanghai dragon, there will be an overwhelming feeling, following me to site optimization should pay attention to five key operation, do the following. Then the website ranking ascension is the point the day and await for it.

four, update section not less: I believe that everyone has seen some of the latest articles, the main site issues, this kind of forum. This section is updated frequently, changes in internal links, after doing a good job, spiders see fresh information by updating the forum, access to new content in the inner chain entrained in the spider, and will enter into the internal site crawling, increase crawling time, strengthen the weight increase, if there is no such section, the spider will think this the page does not update, will cause the weight lifting barriers. The home is not part of this section of the station, then go to add it.

two, description page description: the page description is that when users search engine related words, displayed on the website name below is the description of this page. Join the description in the page is a good introduction to the current page, so that users can see more detailed focus. With some more than title. At the same time, you can also add some keywords, increase the page weight.

, a standardized Title: title title, is what the name of your site is, or what to focus on the title, the site name is title. Usually do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, will elect to do three to five words, then Title order is the law, from left to right, the weight is decreasing. Keywords, we must choose search volume is relatively high in the front row, in order to obtain the maximum flow. The specific format: 1_ keywords keywords 2_ keywords 3 – [AD], at present in this format to write on the engine title is good, but also enhance the user experience. This benefit is written, focus, let users found this site features, and main products and projects.

five, adhere to the original chain: insist on update brings is necessary, try not to false original, only in the continuous release of valuable articles. "

three, within the chain to do the Web: what is the chain, the chain is all belong to the same web page in the chain is linked to each other. In the construction of the chain is essential for a website. Key words in the article, or stand inside the article page, with anchor text links. A 100 word article can add a anchor text, a words more articles will not exceed the maximum of 5 anchor text. Which website pages are intertwined, like a net, which can make the spider keep a relatively long time crawling, can increase website weight. In fact, many successful cases, are close to perfect in this article to do the above.