The enterprise website layout of some experience of feeling

second, the website is must pay attention to the structure of the visual marketing planning elements. A enterprise site, how to get rid of the template site, reflects the brand characteristics and differences between sites, visual design is the designer must think, whether do the kind of style home, vision is always the emphasis, in fact it is popular website art, professional web art directly affects the user experience, can attract artists users largely click and stop, web design can attract the attention of customers, the customer was willing to stay to watch the website, the search engine will be based on the length of time the customer retention of the page, to determine the user experience of the website. This is reflected in the Taobao marketing process is most incisive especially Taobao, the main figure, these design details page in improving the conversion rate plays a very important role, as a designer of visual marketing is must pay attention to the.

first, first according to the site location design theme template. The site location is the site of industry and user group judgment, for example, pay attention to brand website simple atmosphere, mainly by many brand value with the elements to the layout page, highlight the characteristics of high-end, the atmosphere, on the grade is very important. And general business website of course is the core of product products and marketing thinking, the enterprise site should consider the Shanghai dragon because most of the time, how will the site layout of Shanghai Longfeng details reflected is very important. Therefore, in the signing of the business, must clearly communicate with customers, website style positioning is what type of website.

we know that home is the enterprise site brand and image display window, and web page design to some details can reflect the value of brand enterprises through the enterprise website planning, to web site designers, designers according to the content of the document and asked to fill in the content of the web site. Before the formal layout of web content, we must clear the site owners reasonable structure is very important, so the structure of the website is the skeleton of the site, how do we want to layout and embodiment.

third, the website structure layout needs to be done around the needs of users. The user needs is the user satisfaction degree for the products, information, value, designers in the design layout, should consider the customer demand for satisfaction, differences in characteristics, this requires us to be familiar with their products, services and solutions to reflect. After doing these details we will consider factors, how will the details of concern for these customers, carefully arranged from high to low, the content of home edition shows for example, must focus on outstanding enterprises such as news products, services, solutions, etc.. These points are carefully layout according to the customer’s attention, such as home central the most prominent position, the right product layout layout, is arranged on the left side corporate news, the news is good for spiders to crawl for information for the first time, the layout of product information can be the first time to attract eyeballs, which are in the process of site layout >