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Hello everyone I am Zhang Ke, very honored that you can see my article, want to talk about problems in the construction of the chain chain mentioned today, many people believe that it is not posted a contemptuous disregard… But you have not found this year from the beginning of the year, there are many sites outside the chain is increasing, and the chain number is the number of sites is not moving, or again fall down, this is not worth pondering.

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said most of the chain is the preferred channel of the forum, or personal signature this channel is the most widely used, B2B, classified information website information, blog, soft, Links, cross link, channel links to purchase these aspects. While the number of Er that can be carried out in Shanghai dragon chain accumulation is forum signature, this blog soft, the chain plate can be accumulated, I would like to analyze these chain channels which can be accumulated, which can timely give up.

and B2b classified information, this chain is not cumulative, these information for a period of time will expire, or will be cleared, this is also a lot of people met. I think the soft content can accumulate, such as articles for publication, I often in the search for a keyword, often see the following a few years ago this for everyone to see the picture: This is 2010, the chain like this is the stable accumulation of quality chain.

said the first forum character signature, the chain is not cumulative, reason to love Shanghai algorithm change, so many of the chain with the passage of time, the weight value will be more and more small, to the final this chain, now there are many webmaster in the forum using the signature, but one day down, back to the post but a lot of the chain can not see or have been going down, my station is the best proof, it is time to change the policies and strategies. If you want to keep the chain and ranking, you need to send more posts, form a vicious spiral, growing tired.

blog, the blog of the chain can be accumulated, but lost in the soft, this is also the reason why many people have blogs.

is the chain resources can not be accumulated in many Shanghai dragon Er believes Links, but I want to say here, Links resources should belong to the chain resources can be accumulated, and now many people are looking for the high weight of the exchange links, can change a love Zhanxiaopianyi,, not knowing this link will not last long, the difference is too big to others will give you replace. My advice is to find potential stock exchange links, perhaps now the ranking weight and so on are not very good, after a long time operation weight lifting, their website also promoted, and Links chain the longer the higher the weight, the new line is generally not down your links, because your weight is taller than him. However, you need to analyze what is potential this requires experience and skills, for example, from the design logo in art and so on, all can see.