Through the chain to improve we have a website weight

C: by creating knowledge chain.

chain is a site of blood, he put every section of each page, the system in series with the spider to pave the way, let the spider at any time to the website included fresh content. Only the chain to join the site to form a giant invisible network, it has become a complete website. So when we are on the right track of the site should be a way to increase the chain, of course we have said is the quality guarantee chain. Definitely not the black chain, chain of garbage.

"content is king, the link is emperor now is Shanghai dragon’s purpose, I personally think, content and links to improve the weights of the left and right hand has divided the severity of the. The general site in the absence of on-line or just online content accounted for a relatively large quantity, so that time because new sites focus on the internal optimization. However, when the entire site toward standardization, when the maturity of the most important is the external optimization. External optimization killer is the chain. The establishment of the chain of external optimization plays an indispensable role, how much your site outside the chain directly affects the weight and height of the web site.


Of course, How does For Links and ordinary chain

chain by nature.

A: Links.

love Shanghai know, Search ask the day "

general Links is switched, both with the website of the other side, but if you do Links one better, this is more beneficial to improve the weight, of course Links to find relevant content outside the chain of the best high weight, but generally do not own website than low weight exchange site. This requires you to have some contacts, and of course with PR line, also no proof than his low, but must be love Shanghai snapshot update quickly, but also included the amount of not too bad.

The establishment of

general did Shanghai dragon will say, in the BBS signature on his website address and key words, with a message in the blog address who will not ah, but for a long time before you will find links have been deleted. There is a serious situation may blog forum fill seal. This is why, you are advertising too obvious, and your blog is a new forum. This is what we often say that the Shanghai dragon cheat. A few suggestions on the establishment of the weights from the relatively high and their website content related blog, forum. When they write a diary of what the mood. After your website that you will be doing outside the chain a lot of wealth, because of your blog and forum has gained some weight, so with a link to the blog article, you send a message to the forum posts, what will not be deleted. Of course you do link isn’t too obvious, add anchor text as the most appropriate.

This method is the main way

B: to increase the chain through blogs and forums.

get more the chain of quality to improve the weight of it, we have a set of.