The new station is not included within the pages of the reasons and Solutions

second, website page anchor text is single and the number of

fourth, the chain is too simple, and the quality is not high

website content are mostly reproduced or pseudo original, then this site "quality in the search engine there impressed the lowest discount. Not included in your page is a normal thing. The search engine spiders, especially love Shanghai, hate is the most repetitive content. You might say, the day so busy, no time to update, so many articles. Article 1-3 every day, I think it is not difficult to? If your original article is false, we must pay attention to the quality of. No readability. Don’t order the pseudo original and pseudo original, while ignoring the user experience. Also note here is that if you don’t update every day, at least you should do regular updates. A few days or a Monday update, update. Here to learn the lessons of Dalian Shanghai dragon, not two days fishing, three days".

first, look at the contents of the original, the quality of your website and how to update frequency of

railway station is only included the home page, and the page has not included, the snapshot is not updated, and even retrogression. Like the Tony, these problems have plagued many novice friends, I do not know how to solve. Today, Shamrock mall Tony, we briefly analyze the reason, the new station is not included within the page and its solution.

for new sites, don’t on the site early online, the short time a massive increase in the chain. Slowly enrich the site content, and regularly updated, can.

if your site every article has almost the same anchor text pointing in the same site, even in the same article of the anchor text (such as the total in the tail had the same anchor text), is not good. Text and anchor text, anchor text should be diversified, reduce duplication. The anchor text has a principle, that is, different anchor text can refer to the same URL, but the same anchor text can’t point to a different URL. Also, an article of the anchor text number should not be too much, not more than 3 suggestions. Too much, there will be suspected of cheating.

actually, the first two do, is to improve the user experience. After all, your website content is ultimately a client, if only to cheat the search engine traffic, while ignoring the user experience, users come to your site, just look at home, not to access the page, or visit the page, a few seconds to exit. This user retention time is too short, the bounce rate, exit rate is too high, but also love Shanghai may notice to. Your score will be reduced. Good user experience, retain users, is the most important. Dalian Shanghai Longfeng, had to admit that the user experience of this, I do not, some original article is false, readability is not strong, it is difficult to retain users.

third, focusing on user experience

If a new