Optimization analysis search help included static page number

(pseudo) static page is easy to be collected (below

clearly, this page is dynamic, data directly from the database search results page template to fill, and this page theory search engine is not caught in the. The reason is very simple, not a spider web search. So, to the spider included this page, we must do the entrance open even more short or pseudo static pages. Ctrip had this page: 贵族宝贝flights.ctrip贵族宝贝/booking/BJS-NGB-day-1.html


do this purpose is very clear, if only to provide station frame search is difficult to expand the site of the amount collected. We can enhance the spiders crawl opportunities through pseudo static pages making the same content, but also can provide the user with a result on the site entrance. Although the booking system parameters, arrangement and combination are also many, but we also can pass parameters to control the changes in URL content adjustment. As an example, http:>


贵族宝贝flights.ctrip贵族宝贝/Domestic/ShowFareFirst.aspx? DCity1=BJS& ACity1=NGB& DCityName1=%u5317%u4EAC& ACityName1=%u5B81%u6CE2& DDate1=2011-12-7& ClassType=& PassengerQuantity=1& SendTicketCity=%u5317%u4EAC& Airline=& PassengerType=ADU& FlightSearchType=S&



this, Ctrip doing quite good. If you pass Ctrip search box to find the Beijing ticket to Ningbo, you will come to the following page.



for those online booking sites, most of the time there will be a common problem in Shanghai on the 1 Dragon) spider can not pass through the search function 2) search results page URL long overparametrized. These two issues will ultimately affect the amount included in the site as a whole, and for online booking sites included the amount of your decision in the rankings position. Therefore, the website included the need more to ensure the industry’s ranking of Shanghai dragon.