nsect friends how to use software bugs crawl resources

is now a web site is easy, post promotion is very difficult, may the webmaster have this feeling, but as for the latter part of the promotion is the chain + substance, the substance will not say, Chong Shanghai dragon is to emphasize how to use software bugs crawl functions, to get more of the mass of the chain resources, now the chain of place is not a lot, but it is the end of several types, BBS, Zhidao, B2B, classified information, favorites, etc.. How to grab the bottom with insect resources? See

two, classified information: phpmps classification information system as an example, do classified information website of this open-source CMS basic use, phpmps classification information system establishment in common is that they contain category.php, grammar is inurl:category.php, in fact, very good resources, just to see the same page. Inurl:member/register.php " Company Name"

, a BBS forum: the webmaster should know now more popular online BBS open source CMS is discuz, PHPWIND, CMS webmaster forum is basically built using the open source CMS, is using the same source CMS, it is sure to have the same point, the webmaster can use the search engine syntax for resource capture, a built-in function is to use the search engine grab a large number of web crawling evil grammar. In the case of disscuz, the home contains the /forum.php file, the syntax is: inurl: /forum.php, Chong Shanghai, said in the article collection and web crawling, do not love to go to Shanghai to grab, grab Google search, after Google search library was much bigger than the love of Shanghai, or phpwind, then the pages are included in the thread.php? FID, then we can also search statements written in inurl:thread.php? FID, is the resource of phpwind, so some insect friends ask me to have correlation capture, such as those associated with the forum message how to write the same statement? "The forum message" inrul:thread.php FID can search out? Related to the forum message forum.


three and B2B:B2B to destoon system, but also support destoon CMS, the same page has /member/register.php this will be revealed a problem, this word does not have the uniqueness, there may not be destoon CMS, the other CMS also use the insect friends what to do, look down syntax: inurl:member/registe>