Meagan enterprise website optimization keywords how to select the high conversion rate

Since each enterprise

third, combined with the long-term operation of the enterprise customer resources


general refers to a product / industry with more users, can accurately reflect the characteristics of the product term. For general keywords, using these words to build brand is feasible, for enterprises to establish the network brand image is helpful. Keywords general product / industry number, relative these words are more intense competition in the heat, if is to Shanghai dragon means in the short term to enhance the competitive industry general keywords have a certain degree of difficulty. This time as enterprises should not be targeted at general keywords above, can avoid direct competition advantage / service to highlight their products, to put emphasis on long tail keywords. The strength of the website can get ranked by paying to buy keywords, at the same time with the Shanghai dragon work.

read the book "the long tail" people understand, explain the long tail theory is actually the economics of abundance when supply bottleneck in our culture began to disappear, everyone can get everything, the long tail story happened naturally. Extended use of Shanghai Longfeng above is on a target keyword or keyword industry general. Here we give an example: the word network marketing, the long tail expansion, can be listed: professional network marketing organization, network marketing methods etc..

as a professional Shanghai dragon, keywords ranking is an important content in the work. The enterprise website search engine optimization is the key point to success lies in the early site location and site keywords positioning, if can filter out high traffic site product / service related keywords, in obtaining good ranking can indeed bring considerable traffic to the enterprise website. But the enterprise web site should pay more attention to high traffic or pay more attention to the conversion rate? Meagan network marketing consultant here to ask a question: what kind of keywords is needed by the enterprise? A number of visits to the enterprise network promotion personnel in the answer, the answer is to produce the most frequently mentioned buy keywords. The problem came out, the enterprise website how to select keywords high conversion rate optimization? The following Meagan network marketing are discussed.

first, enterprise website can choose product / industry general keywords

second, choose the product / industry long tail keywords

through the example we can see that this kind of keywords is generally one or more phrases, the daily search volume is relatively small, but its search users are generally on the search words for the products / services have the potential demand or have a deep understanding of intention, this kind of word than general keyword for conversion rate to be high about 30%. As the enterprise website, the ultimate goal is to promote sales of products or services, so we should attach a keyword can be transformed to the enterprise website can bring higher rates, and should not blindly pursue high flow.