Mobile phone game site Shanghai dragon optimization long tail word article

long tail word thesaurusFigure 1: the long tail word

as shown in Figure 1, first establish a long tail word thesaurus table, because of the long tail word too much, so to consider the actual situation under their own. Choose the difficulty and high conversion rate of the long tail word, this comparison is difficult. The long tail word search volume index is too small for the love of Shanghai is very small, but basically not what competitors, as long as some pages included can row on the first page. The long tail word competition slightly larger can layout in the directory page, which we will talk to here, so many long tail word how to select the appropriate, for the mobile phone download website, many popular mobile phone games download rate is relatively high. And most intelligent system for mobile phone is Android, so Android mobile phone game "this keyword is very competitive, and the use of iPhone mobile phone rate is very high. Considering these two factors, we can retain more around the long tail words of the two words. For example: in the title of the page can be written in a kart mobile phone iphone game download

A good friend

and screening

!The second step:

page title set

Figure two: The first step: the establishment of

I recently made a small game mobile phone download site, mainly to provide mobile phone games download, from smart became popular, mobile phone game websites seem to have changed much, personal webmaster website the main source of income is the cost of advertising, such as: love Shanghai advertising alliance. But there is a flow to have advertising costs, how to optimize the mobile phone games download site, I saw several main keywords, such as "small game" mobile phone "competition is more intense, more difficult to do. With your energy and resources are limited, it is difficult to make up a website, most of the flow from the long tail word, many of the long tail word optimization is relatively cumbersome effort, although individual and team can not be compared, but also want a good start again. The following three steps are:

page layout details of the long tail word

as shown above, the mobile phone games download website page title set is not reasonable, the title does not cover the most important key information, now type mobile phone games very much, this website will inevitably be collected a lot of content, but also need to collect over the contents of the original artifacts. Some of the most popular mobile phone games need to focus on to do the optimization, the best write some feelings after the play. This title can be modified into: small game kart _ classic mobile phone game website – kart mobile phone version _ mobile phone name, the most important title for a page, so set the time to carefullykey. Personal feeling before doing the best to collect such sites under the current popular mobile phone game, the mobile phone game to do optimization, title, keywords, description, text, word around. Keywords 2-3 core general text bold, use is the addition of bread crumbs and H1 tags, these details must be taken into account, these page elements also.