Methods and skills of page content and details of the optimization

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in Shanghai Longfeng tools, often find that they suggest keyword density is 2%-8%, in fact, this is not absolute, as long as the keywords not too close so that the influence of the user experience can be. User experience is the first

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we all know, love Shanghai Baike keyword optimization done especially well, next to the words "home appliances" to explain. "Civilian appliances," as the word deformation of household appliances, "air conditioning, fan, fan, cold air heater" and other related words, words and words related to cross deformation increases the weight of the website.

The body length of page content optimizationThe density, distribution, synonym



The signal-to-noise ratio of

3. multimedia content and its properties

1. keywords.

1) Title, meta information and

"letter" refers to the information, "noise" is the value of the noise, if a page of text information is just a word, while other "noise" to occupy the space very clearly, this page signal-to-noise ratio is not reasonable, this is a failure of the page. Special attention is not put in a lot of ads on the page. In addition, to minimize page useless code, try to use CSS to set the script to a file.

if the weight of the website is not very high, is not recommended because the web page, paging has great similarity in the website, has bad effects on the Shanghai dragon will.

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word text to the search engine’s index. The beginning of the paragraph should naturally put some keywords, but not excessive.

take Shanghai Longfeng site as an example, can go to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon image search and related pictures, ranked first in the picture is that love Shanghai and Shanghai Longfeng most relevant pictures, if you can introduce this picture, then love Shanghai will think your website and on.

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2) before the text of 100 words, paragraph

keyword distribution


Title is the beginning of keywords, special emphasis is placed on the keywords label, description has little effect on the Shanghai dragon, basically no effect for ranking. Only to a certain role in site classification.